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Sketches by Jim Woodring

After I got fired as singer for Monster Magnet I had an “I’ll show them!” moment and started another band. The band was Daisycutter. Here’s a tip for anyone who wants to start a band, if you really want to have a bit of control on the bands musical direction then you should actually write music or be able to play an instrument. Me saying “I want it to sound like Spacemen 3 and Loop but with two drummers” without having any examples wasn’t the right way to go about it. So it wasn’t the drone rock juggernaut I had envisioned but it was ok. We had recorded what would be our first single and we were talking about a art for the sleeve. I was a big fan of Jim Woodring (Jim, Frank) and I wrote to him asking him about doing art for it. Also at this time if you sent a photograph of yourself he would do an interpretive “Jiva” portrait. I sent him a picture of me in what I thought was my “coolest” shirt, a Negativeland shirt with the words “Christianity is stupid, give up”. A few weeks later I got back an envelope with some sketches. I got voted down as everyone else thought $500 was too expensive, we didn’t have a lot of money and I couldn’t do it myself so we passed on it. I think a few of these came out in “The Book of Jim” a few years ago. Thanks to Cliff for giving me a nudge about posting these. [click on image to enlarge]