My wife is cooler than me

Which should come as no surprise to anyone who knows us. Yeah, I have a shitload of records and an encyclopediac knowledge of useless things but while I was psyched to have an FM radio Carrie was going to see The Ramones, Dead Boys, and Suicide. Even in 1974, before she was in high school she was going to see Black Oak Arkansas and Foghat. I can never catch up.

    • Susan
    • December 27th, 2011

    Time machine please. I wanna go see Todd!

    • Jason
    • December 27th, 2011

    Wow, did she get the official tour bandana? Seriously cool show … At the time. River Rock Casino is trying to re-live that magic with a show that boasts at least 2 original roadies to no avail.

    • Sgt. Stadanko
    • December 27th, 2011

    She didn’t go and see BOA & Froghat, she went to see those filthy hippies Cheech & Chong, and she was also selling joints outside the Convention Hall before the show … I will catch all you stoners one day, I’m keeping my eye on you thru a zipper.

  1. jim dandy to the rescue…..

    • jim Norton
    • December 27th, 2011

    It’s one of the advantages of being on the younger end of a large family in that era: not only did she have older brothers and sisters to turn her on to stuff, but her parents were probably pretty jaded and burned out on parenting by the time she was a teen. At least mine were, which accounted for some really questionable things that I was allowed to do.

      • Ready Killowatt
      • December 27th, 2011

      Thanks, Doctor Phil!

        • jim Norton
        • December 28th, 2011

        You’re welcome, anonymous dick!

      • Matt
      • December 28th, 2011

      Maybe your parents were just trying to thin out the heard a bit

    • fishbreath
    • December 27th, 2011

    That’s ok Tim, you will always be cooler than most of us out here (me especially!) – it’s all relative, rest assured If you are feeling uncool – you can always look down on the uncool like me-I got your back!

    • Art Buchwald
    • December 27th, 2011

    Yes, Tim, you’re cool – cooler even than the “Air Conditioned Convention Hall”!

      • spank
      • December 28th, 2011

      Air Conditioning at the Convention Hall means opening a back window and letting in some ocean breeze.

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