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Notes from das Boot 147

Last show, the description yesterday of packing being like putting toothpaste back in the tube was a little too nice. It’s more like ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag, and I’ve been shedding clothes this tour like a goddamn clothes snake ( a rare, non poisonous snake who wears a lot of shitty, ill fitting clothes and then throws them away when they get too offensive). Playing the Live Music Hall here. I like Cologne, they have one of my favorite art museums here (the Ludwig) and if it was earlier in the tour I would make the effort to go but today I’m just trying to make myself reasonably human. Shaved, trimmed what beard was left with my pocket knife (for that hobo chic), tried to find any clothes that dont stink of smoke or just stink. Man, I don’t even fucking know anymore. In my head I’m already home, just waiting for my body to catch up.