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Notes from das Boot 145

Eindhoven, Netherlands
Day off yesterday. A bunch of us went into town last night to a small bar called The Rambler, it’s a local “rock” bar. There was a band playing. Now normally the thought of seeing live music on a night off is awful, but I was with a bunch of people, so… The band that was playing appeared to be a Molly Hatchet cover band, which was odd but hey it’s Europe, it’s not really supposed to make sense. Then I noticed that they were selling Molly Hatchet t-shirts, well I guess they really went in and wanted to give the crowd a real Molly Hatchet like experience. Then I realized that, holy shit it was Molly Hatchet and they were in the middle of a drum solo. At that point I didn’t really care that I was with people. Humorous or not it was shitty live music on a night off and I just left. This five week tour is about one week too long. “home in four days” is my mantra today. We’re playing Speedfest today with The Sonics, Pentagram, and The Dwarves. Cool bill even it doesn’t make sense. Spent too much money again on records, picked up among other things a few 60’s dutch-beat 45’s. Down in the hotel lobby, making a caffeine pig of myself with way too much free espresso.

A Christmas like image. Bear with me here. Three (wise?) men looking at a broken speaker cabinet like it was a manger with non-working speaker replacing the Christ child, with screwdrivers and drills replacing gold, frankincense, and myrrh.