Notes from das Boot 140

Vienna, Austria
Had a “foodtown” like experience yesterday at an Aldi supermarket in Germany. The bus had pulled over for a break and I went in to buy some food. I got some ham and cheese and bread for the tiny George Forman grill or “grilled cheesery” on the bus, which Jimmy Bags discovered, freeing us from the tyranny of cold bus food. I also picked up some yogurts and clementines and then headed to the counter. It should have been a straight forward deal, the kid rings me up shows me screen with the amount and I give him the money, he gives me the change and voila! The amount was 9.01€ and I gave him a 20€, I went to give him a penny, but he waved it off. The Germans aren’t the type to have a “have a penny, leave a penny” dish. In WWII they tried a “take a country, give a country” thing but they got greedy. Anyhow, I was surprised when I got a 10€ bill and 40 cents, even with euro-math it was 59 cents shy. I know, it’s only 59 cents, asshole. I held out my hand with the incorrect change and made a raised eyebrow, lemon face and shook the change, he looked at it, then me, then the change again. I said “it’s wrong”, and the line behind me grew. I showed him the receipt and said “it should be ninety nine” but it think it came out “nein, nein.”. He glared at me and called over a manager, and the line of grumbling Germans behind me grew some more, now six deep. There was a huge procedure with both manager and clerk studying the receipt. They opened up the cash drawer and gave me another 15 cents. I was gonna say something but thought better of it

Krampus kandy!

    • Chris Burns
    • December 2nd, 2011

    There is an organization similar to Interpol within the international grocery world that keeps track of troublemakers like you. Instead of “no-fly,” its “no buy,” so you may have made your last purchase outside the United States.

    • spank
    • December 3rd, 2011

    Jim Bags discovered a George Foreman grill?? Hah, that’s nothing in a day’s work for this new world explorer …. Did you know that Jim recently discovered a new species of tiger in China, 3 new black holes in the Triangulum Galaxy, and can even lay claim to discovering a new credit card, ironically named the Discover card.

    Have no doubt that this man of many talents will soon discover the Lost City of Atlantis, or Phil’s lost denim jacket.

    • Odessa Steppes
    • December 5th, 2011

    That’s weird, he told me he invented the Internet!…anyway, Tim I really liked the “take a country give a country”…very funny. But anyway, I’m picturing you with Clementines. I mean, what’s next, Madeleines?

    • Mr. Lambstershank
    • December 8th, 2011

    Merry Krampus to all!!!

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