Notes from Das Boot 139

Hamburg, Germany
I’m a douchebag. When we first started touring (which doesn’t seem so long ago) it was a really big deal to make a collect call home, now I get bent out of shape when the Internet connection is slow at a club. In the dressing room at Grosse Freiheit and Garrett is playing around on his phone, I think he has an app called “sounds to annoy the shit out of Tim”, a collection of honks and beeps an whistles that is not constant, there is just enough time between them to think “maybe that’s the last one……..No, shit!” We play in Germany around the end of the year quite a lot and for years I kept seeing posters for big “Silvester parties”. At first I thought they were big disco parties named (and incorrectly spelled) after gay disco icon Sylvester, (his big song “you make me feel (mighty real)” ). And I was amazed at the bits of American culture that the Germans latched onto, like the almost national obsession with the tv show Married With Children in the nineties. Then I found out that “Silvester parties” we’re just new years eve parties. D’oh.

The lighting desk at Grosse Freiheit.

    • spank
    • December 1st, 2011

    Tim, you’re not a douchebag …. a poo flinging gorilla maybe, but certainly not a douche.

    So, there’s a more annoying ring tone out there than the Geico “ring-a-ding-ding ding-dong” that’s on my phone.

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