Notes from das Boot 138

Hannover, Germany
We are playing The Capitol a nice old theater styled club here. It seems like not much in the way of rock passes through here, on the upcoming shows list the biggest thing I saw was a Rammstein cover band. A couple of years back I wrote about how treacherous the streets of Amsterdam were. Well Antwerp is no slouch in the “I think I’m gonna be hit by a fucking vehicle” sweepstakes. In the photo, the street starts of with a small pedestrian walk, then a bike lane, then a bus/tram lane (and trams are motherfuckers, they make no noise, so you don’t know when they’re about to hit you), then there’s a car lane, a small “safe” zone, another car lane, another bus/tram, bike lane, and finally another pedestrian lane. it’s like a shitty live action Frogger game.


    • spank
    • November 29th, 2011

    Oh man, I loved Frogger. One night, at Mario’s Pizza Parlor, I got the high score of 850,980 points. I was unstoppable that night, a perfect combination of Mountian Dew and mozzarella … and just the right amount of grease on the joystick. I recently heard that Mario’s was closing, so I went in for one last, symbolic slice. I noticed that I had lost my high score …. some jerk off with the initials “GLC” (probably some bald, pear shaped loser with glasses) beat me with 860,630 points.

    • Hydronly
    • November 30th, 2011

    I’m dutch and i never looked at our roads as they were from the Frogger game. But I guess you are right, its not just Belgium, Germany and The Netherlands. All old European cities have roads like this because we build these cities long before there were trams and cars.

    Look at it on the bright side, you cross the road faster because you have to run and the roads are more narrow also. In the USA it takes 5 minutes just to cross a highway because theyre so big. So i guess the chances of getting hit are about the same right!?

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