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Notes from das Boot 133

Berlin, Germany
Had a nice day off in Berlin yesterday. Went to the C/O Berlin photography museum, it’s a cool place located in an old post office. The exhibit was about terrorism, it was solidly depressing. All the usual suspects (so to speak) were there : 1972 Olympics, check. Patty Hearst, check. Horrifying South American political unrest, check. 9/11, check. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any grimmer, the last room had a bunch of candid shots of terror victims. Game,set,match. Then I went to the Ramones museum as a sort of mental palette cleaner, it was great. Today we’re at Huxley’s an old giant cavernous room that we’ve played before. The show that stands out the most was when we played with Union Carbide Productions (1995?). They weren’t going over that well and their singer Ebbot, who at the time looked like sandbox era Brian Wilson, stripped down to his union jack briefs and dragged a giant biker type heckler from the crowd and preceded to dry hump him over one of the front monitors. It won over the jaded Berlin crowd, huzzah!