Notes from das Boot 132

Copenhagen, Denmark
We had a day off here yesterday, which meant I washed some clothes; hot water & hand soap in the sink or bathtub, rinse, hang over the heater to dry. We had a radiator that had basic symbols on it but didn’t make much sense. On a large dial at the end of the radiator were numbers from 1 to 5, 4 & 5 had large red stripes under them which I thought meant extra hot. After the 5 there was what looked like a Pi sign with an umlat over it an then next to that was an asterisk. I set it between 5 and Pi/umlat. I then noticed an additional dial in the main dial. This dial did nothing. The main dial did nothing either, it stayed cold. The damp clothes over the non working radiator looked like an art installation piece, “transient laundry”. I looked around the room for a “how to operate things in your room” pamphlet but had no luck, All I found were a bunch of self congratulatory screeds about how green the hotel was and how proud they were that their breakfast waffles were made on free range waffle irons. Also the key cards are made of 80% Nordic wood and only 20% orphan hearts.

This is a picture of one of my favorite bridges it connects Sweden with Denmark, although from this photo it looks like it connects Sweden with a cloud bank.

    • spank
    • November 19th, 2011

    Solve for X next time, radiator should work fine … but don’t, whatever you do, divide by zero.

    • fishbreath
    • November 19th, 2011

    that was a great! thank you.

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