Notes from das Boot 128

Between Sweden and Finland
Something happened to my computer, I’m not sure what but it seems the equivalent to a cartoon character with X’s for eyes. …and then depression set in. We’re on the ferry between Stockholm and Turku, we’re on the daytime voyage. I thought that the day version would be somewhat sedate compared to the weekend evening ferry which is Like an adult Hunger Games with liquor and sex. Well I was wrong, the morning ferry is a floating drunk tank as well, we got on board at 7:30am and the bar was crowded with drunks by 8am. I’m at the bar now and there’s a guy sitting near me who looks like Robert Goulet, he’s asleep in his chair, spilling his drink on himself. There’s a lot of really cool little islands around here. After we arrive at Turku it’s a three hour drive to Helsinki, tomorrow we play the Tavastia.

  1. i think that guy who looked like robert gulet was actually paul stanley from kiss….

    • fishbreath
    • November 14th, 2011

    to quote Triumph the wonder dog-“hey robert goulet’s here, now we really got something”

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