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Notes from Das Boot 127

a few things:
1) The shower at the club had two settings, red which traditionally means hot was cold and blue which usually means cold was very cold. It made for a quick shower.
2) Half awake at catering this morning and I went to make myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I put the jelly on first and went to put what I assumed was peanut butter on next. I thought it was crappy thin euro-peanut butter. It was dark brown mustard. It was not a delicious new combination.
3) Bobo our tour manager usually subsides on a diet of cigarettes, coffee and Frank Zappa. This tour his girlfriend convinced him to eat better. The photo below is his attempt, half a piece of bread and a hardboiled egg. The sharpie is there so he can draw a Frank Zappa mustache on the egg to make it more palatable.

Bobo's dinner