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I Hate Me, Pt. 208,810

Phone Supidity II
Another phone call, another chance to be an idiot. Carrie called when I was at work and we were talking about me going away on tour, it was a somewhat subdued conversation, “gonna miss you”, “you’re not going to be here for Thanksgiving”, etc. As we were talking, a conversation was going on between Matt and Joe (L not C) about who had number 3 on the Mets. Some inate sense of being a Mets fan coupled with my usual inane brain function caused me to yell out, “BUDDY HARRELSON!”. There was a brief moment of silence and my wife said “Why did you yell out Buddy Harrelson?” I tried to form some explanation about a feeling of loss and the Mets, but it was going nowhere and I just trailed off and mumbled an apology.

People magazine takes on Slam Dancing

I was going through my parents stuff and I found this old People Magazine that my mom saved for me, it’s from 1983. Besides the “lid blower” slam dancing story I included the Picks and Pans for that week. (to enlarge, click on image)