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I Hate Me, Part 178,902

Ass end of a long day at work, Matt and I were giving each other some good natured shit about movies or music or something equally as important. My wife called and as I picked up the phone I gave Matt one last “you’re such an asshole” (The Algonquin Round Table it ain’t). Shit, did Carrie hear that and think I called her an asshole?
Me- You’re not an asshole
Carrie- Thanks….What are you talking about.
Me- I just called Matt an asshole, and I thought that you might have heard me say it…and…maybe you thought I was calling you an asshole…which you’re not…not an asshole.
Carrie- You’re an idiot
Me-…I know
[During this exchange Matt was listening and laughing]
Me-(to Matt) You’re a dick, you dick….(to Carrie, who’s laughing)…You’re not a dick… Matt’s being a dick.
Carrie-You guys aren’t too busy are you?
Carrie-Why don’t you call me back, when you’re done cursing at each other.
Me-Good idea

The Algonquin Round Table, where the the greatest wits of the time could be found. Not to be confused with Jacks Music

How To Use Your New Bell Telephone

I found this in a stack of records we just bought, it’s pretty cool (click on image to enlarge)