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I Like Records 56

Regular customer, bit of an eccentric but a nice guy, looks a bit like Vince (Charlie Brown Christmas music) Guaraldi, usually asks for things that don’t exist or are impossible to find:
Guy-Do you guys carry old movies? The guy upfront says you look up titles
Me- sure
Guy-I’m looking for an old movie…a very old movie…it’s from the 30’s…so old I’ve never seen it on TV…The Paulson Sequence
Me-Paulson Sequence… is that P-A-U-L-S-O-N?
(I looked it up and found nothing)
Me-Sorry, I’m not finding anything. Could Paulson be spelled differently?
Guy-No it’s “Postal”
Me-But I just spelled it out for you P-A-U-L-S-O-N and you said it was right.
Guy-I thought you were spelling it the new way
Me-There’s a new way to spell “postal”?
Guy-I thought there might have been
(it ended up being “Postal Service” and we didn’t have it)