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Sunday Music 10/30/11

Nights & Days- These Days
This is from a great single that came out on Regal Select in 1989. I don’t know much about these guys, they were from the Pacific Northwest put out a couple of singles and then Rob Vasquez from Nights & Days formed The Night Kings who were really good as well, both bands are well worth seeking out. I have no idea what happened to them. ( to listen, click on song title in blue)

these days

Reprint: origin of Halloween Candy

[My computer’s hard drive died so I’m running a timely reprint:]
Candy Corn
Candy Corn was invented in NYC during the Great Depression. Candy scholars have pinpointed it’s exact birthplace to the Christian Stout Hearted Men’s Shelter in Hell’s Kitchen in 1931. The shelter run by swedish firebrand Father Stern Oakwas being vandalized regularly by local children. Having no luck with the police in stemming the vandalism, Father Oak decided to take matters into his own hands. Most of the homeless men who drifted into the shelter were in bad physical shape and a good many were losing their teeth. Father Oak methodically collected all the lost teeth and stored them in an empty pickle jar. By the time Halloween rolled around he had a full jar and he would have his revenge on the local pint sized vandals. He bagged the discolored rotten teeth in little wax bags and gave them out to trick or treaters. The rotten teeth had grown soft and the natural sugars in them made them sweet. The children loved this new treat that they called “Bum Teeth”. When it was revealed by a disappointed Father Oak that they were actually the teeth of homeless men, many enterprising young hooligans went after the destitute with a sugar jones and a pair of pliers. The rash of tooth violence against the impoverished reached alarming proportions until the Addams Candy company started selling artificial “Bum Teeth” that they called “Candy Corn” which were made from ground up horse teeth and sugar paste. The recipe was later changed to dandruff and sugar.

Bum Teeth aka Candy Corn or Kandy Korn

fEEDTIME : Waterfront Records,Sydney 10/4/86, pt.3

A couple of people asked for more of the fEEDTIME show. Here’s a couple more. Christ, these guys were great. I hope their reunion shows make it out here. (to listen, click on song title)

32 Fastbuck

21 Rock & Roll

I Hate Me, Pt. 208,810

Phone Supidity II
Another phone call, another chance to be an idiot. Carrie called when I was at work and we were talking about me going away on tour, it was a somewhat subdued conversation, “gonna miss you”, “you’re not going to be here for Thanksgiving”, etc. As we were talking, a conversation was going on between Matt and Joe (L not C) about who had number 3 on the Mets. Some inate sense of being a Mets fan coupled with my usual inane brain function caused me to yell out, “BUDDY HARRELSON!”. There was a brief moment of silence and my wife said “Why did you yell out Buddy Harrelson?” I tried to form some explanation about a feeling of loss and the Mets, but it was going nowhere and I just trailed off and mumbled an apology.

People magazine takes on Slam Dancing

I was going through my parents stuff and I found this old People Magazine that my mom saved for me, it’s from 1983. Besides the “lid blower” slam dancing story I included the Picks and Pans for that week. (to enlarge, click on image)

In Praise of Partch #2, Hangovers

More stuff from Virgil Partch (or VIP), the pro-drinking 50’s cartoonist. These are from Vip Tosses a Party, which is a cook book with cartoons. This is Chapter X, it concerns hangovers. (click on image to enlarge)

The captions on this one should be switched

Sunday Music 10/23/11

Undertones-True Confessions
These guys might be my favorite summer band (Yes, I know it’s the end of October). This song is pretty close to perfect; short, catchy as hell, and a great ferocious guitar sound. It’s off of their self titled first album from 1979. (to listen, click on song title below)

12 True Confessions

I Hate Me, Part 178,902

Ass end of a long day at work, Matt and I were giving each other some good natured shit about movies or music or something equally as important. My wife called and as I picked up the phone I gave Matt one last “you’re such an asshole” (The Algonquin Round Table it ain’t). Shit, did Carrie hear that and think I called her an asshole?
Me- You’re not an asshole
Carrie- Thanks….What are you talking about.
Me- I just called Matt an asshole, and I thought that you might have heard me say it…and…maybe you thought I was calling you an asshole…which you’re not…not an asshole.
Carrie- You’re an idiot
Me-…I know
[During this exchange Matt was listening and laughing]
Me-(to Matt) You’re a dick, you dick….(to Carrie, who’s laughing)…You’re not a dick… Matt’s being a dick.
Carrie-You guys aren’t too busy are you?
Carrie-Why don’t you call me back, when you’re done cursing at each other.
Me-Good idea

The Algonquin Round Table, where the the greatest wits of the time could be found. Not to be confused with Jacks Music

How To Use Your New Bell Telephone

I found this in a stack of records we just bought, it’s pretty cool (click on image to enlarge)

REPRINT: Japanese professors create baseball-playing super robots

[Note: I didn’t have any time to write anything this weekend, but here’s something I did from 2 years ago that I don’t hate]

TOKYO (A&P) — Look out Hideki Matsui and Daisuke Matsuzaka . A pair of baseball-playing super robots (or Base-Bots) that can pitch and hit with amazing results have been developed in Japan. The pitching robot, nicknamed ”Rodan” has a three-fingered hand, can throw 95% of its pitches in the strike zone and won’t need any relief from the bullpen. The batting robot, nicknamed ”Gamera” has a sensor to determine if pitches are strikes or balls, hits balls in the strike zone 100% of the time and doesn’t swing at pitches outside the strike zone. The two robots were created by University of Tokyo professor Kawabata Makoto. ”The level of the robotics technology of each robot is extremely high,” Makoto said. “What was difficult was to create a mechanism to satisfy such a high level of roboticness.” However the robot ballplayers are not without their own unique problems. ”Rodan” was recently arrested in Tokyo’s so called robot town district for an altercation with a robot prostitute or (Ho-Bot), while “Gamera” created tabloid headlines when he disrupted this years robot awards (the Robies) by appearing drunk on robo-saki (aka: high grade machine oil). Still the sky does seem to be the limit for these talented Base-Bots. The future of baseball? It does compute.

a Base-Bot