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I Hate Me, part 133,971

Thursday is garbage day. I usually take out the garbage cans early, this morning I forgot. I was reminded when I heard the truck on our street. I ran out of the house in my socks and dragged the full can to the curb just as the truck was pulling up. I was pretty psyched that I made it and I yelled to the guys on the truck, “Man, I just made it. Wow.” I don’t know why I said it, as soon as the words left my mouth I wanted to grab them and stuff them back in. These guys didn’t give a shit and why would they, *”Oh, you mean if you were thirty seconds later we wouldn’t have to pick up your shitty garbage this week. You’re right, that calls for champagne.” All four of the guys on the truck just looked at me with a flat level stare, I managed to croak “….have a good day.” and slunk back inside the house.

*-imagined response-