Old Books/The Travels of Marco Polo, /Pt.1

I know next to nothing about old books. We bought this at work and it looked cool so I scanned some of the art. There are two dates in the book, 1926 Boni & Liveright and 1930 Horace Liveright. If you like this stuff you should check out the amazing 50 Watts blog or Book Worship, or Spine Out, they are listed in the blogroll.[click on image to enlarge]

    • klutch
    • September 27th, 2011

    ummm… WOW

    • John Gall
    • September 30th, 2011

    These are great. Don’t know much about this artist. He’s no Tuxedomoon but kicks Snakefinger’s ass.

    • fishbreath
    • October 6th, 2011

    every illustration is like a wonderful story-map, thanks, i love them.

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