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I Like Records 55

Drunk guy came in, right around lunch time, looking for jazz records. He was big and stumbling, I kept an eye on him as I thought he might accidentally trash things. It’s happened before with other big drunk guys. He ended up buying a bunch of big band stuff. We use big round price stickers for the used records, usually anything under $8 has a sticker on it. I know it sucks but it’s the fastest way to price a lot of records. The drunk guy came back about five minutes after he bought the records. I thought he had drunken buyers remorse and wanted his money back, no.
Drunk- Hey, there’s stickers on these records
Me– Yeah, that’s how we price them, I thought you would have seen them when you were buying them.
Drunk- Yeah, but there’s stickers on them, how do you get ’em off?
Me– Some people use lighter fluid to loosen them but that fucks with the cover, I just try to peel them with my fingernail. It’s a pain in the ass but sometimes it works.
Drunk- Oh, like this?…
And with that he tried to peel off the sticker but ended up tearing off a big part of the back cover
Me-….uh…I guess that’s one way of doing it
Drunk-Yeah, that works.