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I Hate Me, part 133,971

Thursday is garbage day. I usually take out the garbage cans early, this morning I forgot. I was reminded when I heard the truck on our street. I ran out of the house in my socks and dragged the full can to the curb just as the truck was pulling up. I was pretty psyched that I made it and I yelled to the guys on the truck, “Man, I just made it. Wow.” I don’t know why I said it, as soon as the words left my mouth I wanted to grab them and stuff them back in. These guys didn’t give a shit and why would they, *”Oh, you mean if you were thirty seconds later we wouldn’t have to pick up your shitty garbage this week. You’re right, that calls for champagne.” All four of the guys on the truck just looked at me with a flat level stare, I managed to croak “….have a good day.” and slunk back inside the house.

*-imagined response-

Old Books/The Travels of Marco Polo /Pt.2

Here’s some more from Marco Polo: [to enlarge, click on image]

Old Books/The Travels of Marco Polo, /Pt.1

I know next to nothing about old books. We bought this at work and it looked cool so I scanned some of the art. There are two dates in the book, 1926 Boni & Liveright and 1930 Horace Liveright. If you like this stuff you should check out the amazing 50 Watts blog or Book Worship, or Spine Out, they are listed in the blogroll.[click on image to enlarge]

I Like Records 55

Drunk guy came in, right around lunch time, looking for jazz records. He was big and stumbling, I kept an eye on him as I thought he might accidentally trash things. It’s happened before with other big drunk guys. He ended up buying a bunch of big band stuff. We use big round price stickers for the used records, usually anything under $8 has a sticker on it. I know it sucks but it’s the fastest way to price a lot of records. The drunk guy came back about five minutes after he bought the records. I thought he had drunken buyers remorse and wanted his money back, no.
Drunk- Hey, there’s stickers on these records
Me– Yeah, that’s how we price them, I thought you would have seen them when you were buying them.
Drunk- Yeah, but there’s stickers on them, how do you get ’em off?
Me– Some people use lighter fluid to loosen them but that fucks with the cover, I just try to peel them with my fingernail. It’s a pain in the ass but sometimes it works.
Drunk- Oh, like this?…
And with that he tried to peel off the sticker but ended up tearing off a big part of the back cover
Me-….uh…I guess that’s one way of doing it
Drunk-Yeah, that works.

Sunday Music 9/25/11

Tuxedomoon-No Tears
These guys are/were from San Francisco and started in 1977. This is from the No Tears e.p. released in 1978 [to listen click on speaker/arrow icon below]

I Hate Me, part 196,332

I recently had a talk with the dog about pulling her own weight around the house. You know helping out with chores, that kind of thing. Well she decided to help out by helping me archive my old cassettes. I thought they were in pretty good shape but the dog had other ideas. She decided on something a little more organic, storage wise. Her radical plan involves chewing up the tapes, eating the parts that she deems are worthy of archiving and then storing them in her own shit. I’m not sure I agree with her methods but she thinks it’s a simple, elegant, environmentally aware solution. Or it could just be a scathing review of my music.

Tape archiving pt.1


Tape archiving pt. 2

Tucson Telephone Directory, July 1955. Part 4

Here’s the remainder of the stuff I scanned. [click on image to enlarge]