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I Hate Me, Part 198,229

About four years ago we bought a new couch. We got it at a place called Savings Town Furniture, or Value City, or Badly Built Cheap Furniture-ville, (I’ve forgotten what the actual name was). My taste in furniture runs toward Herman Miller/Danish Modern style. Unfortunately, A) we can’t even afford to buy doll sized versions of that stuff, and B) Something I call “Matchstick Syndrome”. As a large man, most danish modern furniture looks like it will disintegrate (like it was made of matchsticks) if I was to sit on it. And even if it didn’t explode in a cloud of sawdust and embarrassment, I would never be comfortable thinking that it might. So after many months of deciding and having to return one couch because it wouldn’t fit into our house we ended up getting a couch that was as cheaply made as anything in the store but had a certain amount of comfort and dare I say it, style. We also got it on store credit which was for five years. I knew that the couch was cheaply made and I wasn’t sure that it would last five years so I wanted to pay it off faster, not much faster but I didn’t want to be paying for a couch that didn’t exist anymore. Flash forward a couple of years when we got Lucy (aka; shitpaw, Ellen Barkin’, lil’ pack a day, etc.). Since we got her she has single mindedly set about to destroy the couch. She crawls underneath it and starts tearing stuff up, she tore out one of the zippers on a cushion. This is with a vigilant eye from my wife and I, any second she can get away she will be dismantling the couch. I’m glad she has a hobby, I wish it wasn’t the couch. So with this in mind, I started paying off the couch even faster, double sometimes triple payments when I could. I finally paid off the couch a couple of months ago and it’s still sittable, for the time being.