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Notes From das Boot 122


Photos from Zwarte Cross Festival (Lichtenvoorde, Holland). As I said yesterday this was a motorcross/odd vehicle with music festival. I went around the vehicle section and took some pictures. I then went back at night and took some more. I couldn’t really get much info on the vehicles, anyone who was willing to talk was pretty wasted and what they said consisted mostly of hacking coughs and guttural noises which could have been Dutch.


Notes From das Boot 121

Red Bank, NJ 7/18/11
The last few days were a whirlwind of shitty weather and no internet, so that’s why no posts. The Slottsfjell festival in Tonsberg, Norway was really good, it was amazing to see Grinderman two days in a row. We played on top of a small mountain and the rain was good enough to stop for most of our set. The next day was a flight from Norway to Germany and a then a drive to Zwarte Cross festival in Netherlands. It was a cool weird motorcross/odd vehicle festival with music (I’ll post photos in a day or so) but it was undercut by the worst rain we had all tour. Well that’s it.
The Drawer of Disappointment: Among the stuff we get in our dressing room every show is candy and most of the candy gets thrown in a drawer in the lounge on our bus. Any of the good candy is usually gone so it became a “Drawer of Disappointment” filled with things like “Knoppers” and less stellar treats. It was like Charlie Brown and the football, you knew that there was nothing good in in the drawer, but still…

The Drawer of Disappointment