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Notes From Das Boot 116

Erfurt, Germany 7/9/11
Got through the 25 hour drive more or less in one piece. Hotel is actually in the train station, I was lulled awake by the constant metallic screeching of the trains (at least I think it was the trains, hopefully not some dark Erfurt secret). Saw the band Graveyard when we played Getaway Festival on the 7th, great stuff.  Heavy blues rock played with bong rattling authenticity by a bunch of longhairs. While I am technically awake, I still haven’t had a coffee yet and I like to mention something that has bugged me for awhile: People who applaud when the their plane lands. Coming back from Greece the majority of the passengers applauded when the pilot made a routine landing. If we landed safely in some kind of storm of biblical proportions or if the wings fell off, then fine, applaud away. It’s his job to land the plane safely. I don’t applaud when I get correct change at the store or if my food is the way I ordered it at a restaurant. It’s in the pilots beat interests not to crash the plane. If the pilot crashed our plane am I supposed to spend my last few moments as a living human being booing him. I also hate assholes who applaud at a movie theater when a movie ends. Who’s hearing you? Is the director or the actors hiding incognito in the theater? You’re cheering an inanimate object. I don’t go to a museum and applaud paintings I like…I really need a fucking coffee

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