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Notes From Das Boot 114

Karlskoga, Sweden, 7/5/11

Ever wonder where marshmallows come from? Me neither, but I found out. It’s Sweden?!? As we were driving to our next show, the Putte I Parken festival (roughly translated: “my marshmallows”, or “our marshmallows”) I started to notice giant marshmallows in the fields (fig.1 and fig. 2). I assume these giant Marshmallows are taken to rendering plants where they are broken down into the sizes that we use at home (the standard, “Campfire size” or “Hot Chocolate size”). some of these giant marshmallows are big as a Horse (A Horse is an actual Swedish unit of weight, 1 Horse equals 3 Goats or 19 Badgers). It’s all very technical, high minded stuff.
We are staying at the Hotell (the extra “L” is for lameness) Alfred Nobel. Let me tell you, this place wouldn’t be winning any peace prizes (note: heavy handed reference to the hotels name), the floor in our room looks like somebody was murdered on it and the windows are covered in birdshit. But the coffee is free so I can sit up all night waiting for it to get dark (which it refuses to do). Maybe less coffee is the answer, I just forgot what the question was.

(Fig. 1)

(Fig. 2)