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Notes From das Boot 112

Sopran, Hungary 7/1/11
We’re playing the Volt Fest today. Backstage here seems like it’s Viet-Nam and we’re here with the USO and Bob Hope to entertain the troops. Scrub brush, temporary buildings, a lot of trucks driving like crazy kicking up dust, and a bunch of guys asking and re-asking and re-re-asking for ID. Out front in the crowd, it’s weird enough to cancel out any of the crap. Moby (yes, that Moby) who’s headlining the main stage took all of the loaders and crew from our stage and I haven’t seen a lighting guy in six hours. Our stage features bands that I not only never heard of but can’t pronounce most of their names either, I’m sure they’re not familiar with us as well

This made the entire day worthwhile. At the Skittles booth there's a man dressed as a shrub cheering on people who stick their hand up a giraffe's ass to grab bags of Skittles. I don't think this particular Skittles promotion has reached the states yet