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Notes From Das Boot 111

Graz, Austria, 7/1/11 (12:30 am)
Lots of Things Break on Stage & The Inherent Shittiness of the After Show Rock Disco
Good Christ, it was a tough one tonight. Two or three strings broke during songs, problems with cables, a drum pedal crapped out and problems with the sound board. Other than that it was pretty good. After the show in a horrible Euro weekend rock club tradition, there was the After Show Rock Disco. In a failed attempt to keep the crowd in the building after the show, the club usually starts playing a bunch of old “Heavy Alternative” rock songs, complete with smoke machines going full blast and every pulsing, strobing dance light is on the “annoy” setting.  So breaking down gear during the After Show Rock Discois like a failed combat mission and I’ve lost a shitload of stuff throughout the years, hopefully none tonight.  It is so goddamned angrifying. This morning it’s short drive to the Volt Festival in Hungary and then off to Greece, if it’s still a country by then.

(Fig. 1) In Graz, illegally parked cars are not towed, they are hoisted away by giant cranes or helicopters

(Fig. 2) please see caption for Fig. 1

Notes From Das Boot 110

Sign from the game room at the hotel in Maribor. I especially like the "Noooooo!" sign, it looks like some mad scientist from the future trying to save mankind

Graz, Austria 6/30/11
We are at the PPC club in Graz. Graz is pronounced like something Frankenstein’s monster would say, “Grraaaazzz!” Small club, lots of lights, should be cool. Called home yesterday, as I was talking to my wife I heard the dog vacillating between a fearful squeak (Squeaky Fromme) while attacking an umbrella and an impatient bark (Ellen Barkin) when Carrie was too long on the phone for the dogs liking. She seems to be ruling the house with an iron paw.