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Notes From Das Boot 109

Maribor, Slovenia 6/29/11

I really wanted to use the phrase “they put the slo in Slovenia” today but I couldn’t, the local crew was pretty solid.  Even with the language barrier being more of a language barricade, it worked out fine.  Crowd was really good as well. It was a weird festival, outside in the old part of town, near a river. It seems like a two week long street fair featuring foreign bands that no one has heard of.  The port-a-john next to the dressing room had an odd smell, besides the usual acrid shit, it had cherry cough drop smell as well.  therefore ruining cherry cough drops and shit for me.  As we were staying at a ski resort a bunch of us took the ski left to the top of the mountain, which seemed like it was 5-7 miles straight up.  After the cries of “These things go down” subsided we settled in for an almost pleasant journey. I heard that it was going to be hot around here but I have no handle on the Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion equation, so I did one of those online converter things but I picked Kelvin instead of Fahrenheit so the temperature I got was 400 degrees Kelvin (that bit goes out to Jon Kleiman who’s a big fan of Kelvin, and to Art Buchwald who’s a big fan of ex-Met Kelvin Chapman).  Greece in 3 days, with all the unrest and strikes I’m not worried about getting in I’m worried about getting out.

when I was a kid, we would make words "russian" by adding "ski" to the end of them. Who knew we were right?