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Notes From das Boot 108

Maribor, Slovenia 6/28/11

We’re staying at a ski resort here. It’s a much nicer place then we usually get, there’s just a couple of things. First, I get the feeling that we’re being set up for some kind of horrifying “Hostel” type thing. Come to Slovenia and play this festival, you’ll be treated like kings, (then when we get here) Just go over to that abandoned barn on the other side of the field that’s where the pre-festival party is…go on.  AND THEY WERE NEVER SEEN AGAIN!   Second, there a lot of guys in track suits that look like every european movie thug in the last ten years. The “track suit” is movie shorthand for somebody up to no good.

Much like their namesake, Tims crackers are brittle and tasteless

So I think we’re the only rock band playing tomorrow, we’re up against a badminton championship.