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Notes From Das Boot 106

Stuttgart, Germany 6/20/11

We played the Hurricane/Southside festivals on Saturday and Sunday, they are back to back festivals on either side of Germany. The most interesting part about the Hurricane festival was I got a picture of a couple of human statues eating lunch. I firmly believe that human statues should conduct all their “human” business in private so as not destroy the illusion. Seeing the human statues eat shook me to the core. The Southside festival was interesting because everything on the ground that wasn’t asphalt was a soul sucking quagmire of mud and shit. Since the Krakow show was canceled we have two days off in Stuttgart. There was a giant protest outside the train station, I’m not sure what it was about, but hearing a loud impassioned speech in front of a large crowd in Germany left me a little unnerved.

mud won't stop fans of British Sea Power (the band, not the navy)

human statues blowing their cover