Notes From das Boot 105

Nantes France, 6/18/11 4:30am
First show is over and it was alright, after a long day of rock we still got a really good crowd. It was a good night for rock at Hellfest, Karma to Burn was great, Clutch was monstrous and The Melvins fucking killed it, they did Ballad of Fry (Alice Cooper) into Sacrifice (Flipper) and ended the set with Night Goat. Later I was worried that my knapsack would get robbed backstage, so I thought that if I cover the contents in shit no one would steal anything, “Hey, a computer, let’s take it. Wait, it’s covered in shit, forget it”. An old friend, Dave Witte who was hanging out in the dressing room suggested that we call covering valuables in shit so they won’t get stolen, “A Magic Shell”, the same name as the ice cream topping. Good thinking. Also found out that the Krakow show has been canceled. I’m not gonna worry about it though, it’s not a big college town. I can really use some sleep. Van call for the airport in 15 minutes.

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