Notes From Das Boot 104

speed bump 10 - tim 0

(near) Nantes, France 6/17/2011

We’re in a hotel that Phil says reminds him of a correctional institution, it’s tiny and spartan but the shower is good and I can get online. I couldn’t sleep during the flights so I was up around 27 hours straight, which was fine when I was younger but yesterday I felt like a goddamned zombie. The picture I posted is outside the airport in Nantes, it shows a blue painted line, it’s raised up around two inches, like a tiny human speedbump. Now, I’m a natural clod, almost got a degree in it. When you add my zombielike tiredness and my innate clodness and that small bump it equals trouble. I must have tripped over that goddamned thing about ten times in five minutes, each time I was newly surprised and angry. Hellfest tonight, Stooges, Melvins and Clutch are playing as well. We’re on from 1-2am, then back to hotel, get our shit. Fly from here to Amsterdam and from there fly to Hamburg, get on the bus and drive to the Hurricane fest where we’re on a 5:45pm, two shows in one day.

    • fishbreath
    • June 17th, 2011

    I think those barely visible speed bumps should be used in interrogation. I can empathise, they can take you from a “whistling down the lane” Up-feeling to suicide quicker than a jack-rabbitt on a date. fuck them. then i always imagine a group of people behind a hidden surveillance camera somewhere rewinding the “goofy-gallop” at a party somewhere.

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