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Notes from Das Boot 103

Schiphol Airport, Holland 6/16/11
Well back out again for Euro festivals. No sleep and sitting at an airport Starbucks drinking too much coffee waiting for our connecting flight which leaves in six hours. Couldn’t sleep on the plane, so with no sleep and an excess of coffee I have that wired sand in the joints feeling, I’m also going up against my computer running out of juice, it’s on 49% and falling fast. Writing too fast and having to re-write almost everything over because of typos, reminds me of an episode of the Odd Couple where Oscar Madison tries to type his name quickly for a bet with Bobby Riggs and he ends up typing Oscar Madisoy. Oy, 43%. Hellfest tomorrow, we’re on the bill with Clutch, The Melvins and The Stooges. Yahoo, 39%