Sunday Music, 6/12/11

Laughing Soup Dish-Acidlands (early version)
Continuing lasts week Watch Children post, I’m posting another great local psych band, Laughing Soup Dish. Formed in 1981 by Wayne Larsen and Elana Papavero. Elana would leave the group with Marc Saxton (from the second version of L.S.D.) to form The Watch Children.  Wayne has also played with Jon Davies who fronts the amazing Secret Syde.  It’s all very incestuous, but the upshot is we got lucky and had three distinct and great psych bands out here. This is from Laughing Soup Dish’s  cassette only release A Liquid Salad Dinner released around 1989. (there’s a couple of seconds of dead air before the song starts when you click on the music thing below)

I think this is Laughing Soup Dish

    • fishbreath
    • June 12th, 2011

    i remember the name and i am embarassed to say i never saw them or bought a record (i remain the douche) – it’s like a wonderfully bizarre conversation with 4 people, strange surroundings, and … anyway, much appreciated tim!

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