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I LIKE RECORDS 52/ I Hate Me, Part 176,002

1) There’s this customer who comes in infrequently who could be best described as eccentric. She came in last week looking for a cd by Tokyo Police Club. She asked the guy at the front counter, he looked it up and found out we were out of it. She didn’t seem to believe him. She then asked the guy at the back counter, he looked it up, not knowing that the guy upfront had just done the same thing. He got the same result, out of stock. She still didn’t believe it and she flagged down a random customer and told him that she’d give him $5 if he found the Tokyo Police Club cd for her. I overheard her and told the guy that we were out of it. She got upset and said, “So nobody’s gonna help me?!” and then stayed another half an hour looking for it.

2) This woman in a wheelchair came in with her friend. She had about five records that she wanted to sell. The records were awful, Johnny Mathis and light opera. I felt bad for the woman and even though the records were shit, I told her that they were pretty unusable but I could give her five bucks (which I was going to give her out of my pocket). Now in my head I was thinking that I was a pretty great guy, helping out the unfortunate woman in the wheelchair by buying her useless records, “Paging Alfred Nobel, we have winner for your peace prize.”  The woman in the wheelchair glared at me and said “Five dollars?! No thank you. I can get more for them elsewhere.” Aaaurrgh! So here I go from great guy (yeah, I know it was only five dollars) to thieving douche nozzle. They shopped for another ten minutes or so and on the way out stopped by the counter and the wheelchair woman said “We don’t want to go home with those records, so I guess we’ll take the five bucks.”  I ground my teeth to nubs as I counted out five singles.