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I Hate Me, Part 218,902

One of the few toys that the dog hasn’t destroyed is a Kong Wubba.It’s this thing that looks like a cartoon squid, a round squeaky thing covered in firehose material (or something like it). She was in the kitchen happily squeaking away, and I was outside at the grill cooking my weekly batch of chicken. As I was cooking, the rhythmic squeaking was in the background. Then it started sounding kind of interesting, like some out-jazz horn player and I was digging on it. I flipped the chicken over and went inside to see what the hell was going on with our canine Coltrane. I opened the door to the kitchen and she stopped, she thought I was bringing her food. I tried to get her to play a solo on the Wubba, no luck. I went back outside and I heard it again. As I was deciding what to do, my brother-in-law opened his back window to say something to me (we live in a two family house). When the window was opened, loud free jazz was pouring out and what I thought was a musical dog toy was actually jazz heard through a closed window. I tried explaining it to the dog but she didn’t seem to care.

Our canine Coltrane's ax