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I Hate Me, Part 278,020

I was driving around doing errands, I was running late and I got a call from Carrie. When I drive and someone calls, I either A) ignore it, or B) a quick “I’m driving, I’ll call you back”. We had to coordinate something later in the afternoon that involved juggling work schedules, band practice, and some dog stuff. So I pulled over and we started hashing things out. I started going over how I think we should schedule everything. I’m blathering, it’s a soliloquy, long and convoluted and it lasts like three minutes, I don’t hear anything from Carrie, I figured she’s pissed that I didn’t let her get a word in edgewise:
Me- “So does that make sense to you…I can take the old car to practice.”
Me- “….are you good with that?…..”
Me- “…Hey!…”
and then I looked at the phone and realized that I had no signal and she probably didn’t hear a word that I said. I called her back at the same time she called me back and we both went to voicemail and I wanted to drive my car into a tree.