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Childhood 3

I was reading a very old Rolling Stone and I saw an ad for an old “hippie” watch. It had some nogoodnik on it who’s hands were the watch hands and it was giving the finger with the words “Up the Establishment!” on it and it reminded me when I was a little kid and at my grandparents house in St. Albans, Queens, I think it was 1968/69. Their neighbor was a cop. To a little kid (I was about six) he was a giant, one day he called me over and sat me down on his front porch, he was deadly serious and said something along the lines of, “You know that bad people call policemen pigs…well look at this,” He showed me his watch that had an angry pig in a police uniform on it, and the words Pride Integrity Guts. “This’ll show ‘em!…right?” I panicked and ran back to my grandparents house.