Even more Polka

The covers of polka records released on Stella Records, never fail to please. Here’s another one, King Edward & the White Eagles. Notice the stickers on the back of the album, some referring to band members in the photos, while others are just names and instruments. Also two photos of “King Edward” one in all his kingly finery and one as just a polka serf.

  1. the white eagles is the name of my next band….

    • fishbreath
    • May 12th, 2011

    funny, after sporting that stylish crown he becomes much larger than his former self (and 3 times the size of the white eagles, for that matter). A formidable accordianist for sure.

    • chris
    • May 13th, 2011

    i wonder if they did the cover when king ed was still “jamming” with the red seagulls.

    love the poorly drawn stick figures dancing on a record logo.

    who knew NJ/pennsyltucky was the polka capitol of the world?!?! must have been before the big amish hiphop movement…
    Q. What goes “clopclop clopclop clopclop BANG BANG clopclop clopclop”?

    A. an amish drive by.


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