Mets introduce Elfrey!

In an attempt to shake things up in a so far disappointing season, the NY Mets have introduced a second team mascot. Nicknamed ELFREY! he is a smaller version of the beloved Mr. Met.  Mets spokesman Jay Horwitz announced the new mascot, “Mr. Met is still the team mascot, we love Mr. Met, we just wanted to give him a sidekick. To be honest, Mr. Mets giant baseball head has scared some children, the elderly, and pets. So ELFREY! is a smaller elfin version of Mr. Met. We’re all very excited.”

Elfrey! and Mr. Met

    • Goongod
    • May 11th, 2011

    I hope elfry doesn’t compulsively lick his hand, bite his tongue and balk at the slightest bit of pressure.

  1. METS JUMP THAT SHARK!!!! oh wait…. they did that when they traded Nolan Ryan….

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