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Repost of last years Mothers Day post

Name a Star For Your Mother

(AN ADVERTISEMENT) Starting at $19.95, Name A Star Live is a wonderful, timeless gift. Everyone loves having a star named after them. It’s a meaningful and symbolic gift – perfect for Mother’s Day, a birthday, anniversary, baby shower, thanks to a client or top employee, or just a fun & touching way to say “you’re special.”


Alien 1: Good news, we just got images from earth, all their star charts.

Alien 2: Very interesting, lets have a look.

Alien 1: (pointing to the star chart) This star is called Altair, it means Flying Eagle

Alien 2: Very impressive. That’s a strong proud name.

Alien 1: And this one’s called Arcturus, it means Guardian of the Bear

Alien 2: Wow, that’s a bold name. What’s our star named?

Alien 1: mmmmm..let me see…uh.. our star is named….Mrs. Greta Nussbaum

Alien 2: Mrs. Greta Nussbaum?…Is that the name of a powerful animal or a god?

Alien 1:… let’s take a look…No, it appears that Mrs. Greta Nussbaum is an old woman living in a place called New Jersey.

Alien 2: Is she a powerful godlike old woman?

Alien 1: Doesn’t seem to be, her son named a random star for her as a mothers day present. It cost him 20 earth dollars.

Alien 2: What’s wrong with flowers and a card, or a nice dinner? This makes no sense.

Alien 1: He thought the star thing would be more impressive. He did get a plaque and a bracelet with our stars exact location

Alien 2: A Plaque and a bracelet, huh….mmmm…So…let me get this straight…Our star…the thing that gives life to our planet and all the planets in this solar system was named after an old woman, on a whim by an idiot…for 20 earth dollars…This is an insult…..We must destroy earth.
Alien 1: I concur