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I Like Records 51

Slow night, Sean and I were standing at the back counter talking about how shitty the Knicks were, this kid steamed up to looked to me and to Sean and back again. He seemed to be in his early twenties and dressed like he was going to a rave that happened ten years ago:
Kid-Which one of you is the manager, cause I need to speak to the manager
Me- yeah?
Kid-aaahhh…I thought it was you…I’m interning at Rutgers, TV, radio production stuff and you know I wanna get the fuck out, am I right?…So there’s like hundred and fifty of us goin’ through town askin’ people like YOU how far they got in school…Fillin’ out forms for stuff an then when we got the info we wanna input it, Buuuut we’re gonna need you to buy some subscriptions for Playboy it’s for with HIV Aids…You wanna help those kids right?
Me-I don’t have any money
Kid-(opened up a large zippered wallet, lots of cash and hand written receipts in it)
…It could be anything…anything for a subscription..Playboy…you don’t got nothin’ for HIV Aids kids…kids who have HIV Aids…nothin?
Me-Man, I can’t help you. I’m a fifty year old man working in a record store, I got no money.
Kid-Shit…every time I try talkin’ to people they bug out.