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Notes From Das Boot 102

In 2001 we were on a pretty crummy tour with Buck Cherry and Professional Murder Music. We were playing tertiary markets, college towns where school had let out for the summer and a bunch of low level “radio station festivals”. These were kind of half assed, bare boned clusterfucks that local rock stations put on. The money was shit but bands were encouraged to play them because they might get more airplay from the station. One of the shittier ones was this thing called Pigstock in Clinton Iowa. It was a long day, nobody knew what was going on and everything kept getting pushed back.  It was also wretchedly humid and the smell was brutal, a combination of ass and mud. Towards the end of the day I was talking to the house sound guy, by this time the poor bastard was completely shot, having to oversee hours of shitty rock music and line checks. I asked him if it always smelled this bad and he said “Buddy, that’s Iowa.”

Basil Wolverton’s Booze Humor

Basil Wolverton, the master of the grotesque was an amazingly prolific artist. from the classic comic strips Powerhouse Pepper and Spacehawk through Mad Magazine and illustrating the Old Testament. This book is from his 1974 book Common Types of Barflyze.