Sunday Music, 4/10/2011

Don Howland-Judge
This is a cover of Furry Lewis’s “Good Morning Judge/Judge Harsh Blues” which can be found on Howland’s criminally ignored solo album The Land Beyond the Mountains (2002, Birdman). It’s an amazing album, to me it’s a modern blues classic. It’s not some reconstituted wang-dang doodle bullshit. Informed by a hundred years of country blues, it’s ominous and funny and weird, like nothing I’ve ever heard. Howland was also in the Gibson Brothers. His current band is The Bassholes, where a faster version of this song can be found on their album Blue Roots   (To listen please click on “09 Judge” below)
09 Judge

    • fishbreath
    • April 11th, 2011

    that was really amazing, thank you. I love how he takes the displaced blues rhythm and makes it a regular time figure. Also, The background rhythm guitar really holds it together (reminiscent of “Bang a Gong”) like glue.

  1. Tim, you recommended this album to me when it came out. said you would buy it from me if i did not like it. that was not necessary, but this music made me feel uneasy. it is a creepy, dark and disturbing effort. i have grown to like it more and more. i like the fact that it is so ominous, almost scary in a esoteric way. the albert pinkham ryder artwork on the cover completes the feel of the album. cracked, dark and disfigured. it reflects the lost sanity of don howland. the entire inside jacket fictional info is creepy and weird as well. i highly recommend this album to anyone who wants to feel dirty and uneasy/bad inside when listening to music. this music sounds like mental illness.

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