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Radiation claims lives of Westboro Baptist Church members.

Fukishima, Japan
A&P Press, Neil Allen

In a bizarre turn of events, Japanese officials say that radiation from the devastated Fukishima nuclear plant has claimed the lives of several members from the controversial Topeka Kansas based Westboro Baptist Church. The church members were in Fukishima to protest against the workers who were risking their lives to control radiation leaks. The church group did not heed repeated warnings about the radiation. In a rambling interview given last week by church founder Fred Phelps he states “Radiation is just a homosexual hoax, part of their master plan for global domination and we will not be deterred by the scare tactics that the world government has used about this so called radiation. Radiation? I ain’t never seen any radiation.” He added “We’ve been looking for a new cause, something a little more worldwide, we didn’t want to be known as just funeral disrupters. We were gonna protest in support of the in guy in Libya, that Gaddafi fella, you know he don’t like homosexuals neither..but it’s kind of messy over there, so we chose Japan.” Phelps was one of the members of the church who perished.