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Thanks to John Lauer for suggesting this great blog. It’s something I never even gave much thought to, letterheads. (it’s located on the blogroll)

I Hate Me, Part 261,902

We’ve been trying many different sprays, pastes and tinctures for the purpose of making everything we own taste bad to the dog. We’ve tried alum paste (The only other time I saw alum used was in a Bugs Bunny cartoon, Long Haired Hair and then I thought it shrank peoples heads), sour apple spray, things with names like Boundary, Stay Away and For Fucks Sake Don’t Destroy Everything but nothing has worked. So yesterday, after the dog was finished redecorating the kitchen by chewing through the sheetrock, Carrie tried a different tack. She put hot sauce around the hole in the wall in a noble last ditch effort before ceding the house to the little furry piranha. Well it seems to have worked, the only problem now is with me on a diet the hot sauce covered sheetrock is starting to look pretty appetizing.