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I Like Records 50

Deceptive crazy guy came in. He comes in a lot but he never appears crazy. Neatly dressed, quiet, minds his own business, doesn’t stagger around in a haphazard way or march through like he’s going to war. No obvious tells, a stealth nut. He was walking down the middle aisle, talking in a low voice. At first I thought he was asking me a question but I looked and he was wearing earbuds, so I figured it was some hands free cel-phone thing. As he got to the closer to the back counter he stopped and yelled “Fucking faggots!”. I thought he was having some sort of an argument on the phone. I looked closer (trying hard not to make eye contact) and saw that the earbuds were attached to a regular i-pod and not a phone, so all the muttering and ranting was to himself or the dark forces that plague him. As he was heading out the back door he turned around and yelled “You guys need to fuckin’ sell bongs again!”