I Hate Me, Part 293,330

Old guy who comes in the store a lot, he’s had a rough paper route. He’s tall and really skinny but kind of holds himself like he used to be a fat guy. Anyhow, he was looking through the used cd’s and overheard me telling someone about a show my band recently did.
Guy-You in a band, Timmy?
Guy-What kind of music?
Me-Just garage rock shit
Guy-Garage music huh…just like Huey News… right.
Guy-Yeah..Huey News…his music is from a garage…I seen it.
Me-Do you mean Huey Lewis and the News, the guy who did “I want a new drug”?
Guy-I wanna new drug too..hahahahahahaha…no really, is that his name? I thought it was Huey News.
Me-Yeah..we don’t really sound like him
Guy-Well… ya gotta admit he’s good.

  1. He’s got you there.

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