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I Hate Me, Part 255,290

I know this writing about the dog stuff borders on the unbearably cute, but … We’ve been training the dog to sit (I said Sit, not Shit! aaauurgh!) and Carrie was doing amazing work in this field using cut up Beggin’ Strips. I have to say it may look like bacon but that’s where the resemblance ends. Anyhow, I was trying to get Lucy or Barkus (named after the Roman god of not shutting the fuck up) to sit and I held out the treat and said in a calm voice “sit” about fifty times. I’m getting nowhere the dog is looking at me like I’m a giant golem towering over her. Carrie was in the next room and I’m sure was getting exasperated hearing my repetitive grating monotone so she yelled out “go lower”. She meant to crouch down lower, I misinterpreted this as speaking lower. So I tried to deepen my voice with my best Paul Robeson impersonation. The result was a frightened confused dog and laughing wife.

Sunday Music 2/6/2011

The OCS-If I Had a Reason
The OCS aka: Orange County Sound,The Ohsees, Thee Oh Sees (current spelling). This is from The OCS 2005 album Vol.3:Songs About Death & Dying/Vol.4: Get Stoved. The OCS started as a side project of John Dwyer during his days with the Coachwhips, their early stuff (of which this is from) has a cool bedroom psych weirdness to it, the later stuff has a more formed garage rock thing going on. Both The OCS (however you spell it) and the Coachwhips are definitely worth checking out