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Bagel Shop Giving Away 1 Million Green Bagels

A&P Press, George Theodore

A bagel maker has joined the hype for Sunday’s Jet game . Gern Sturnum owner of It’s a Bagel Bagel, Bagel, Bagel World in Syosset, is giving away one million green bagels to help fans cheer on the Jets. However, there is a catch, the bagels are all moldy. Sternum says “What…Do you think I’d give away a million edible bagels? No, that’s crazy. These have been sitting around in a warehouse for months, they got all moldy and stuff. I forgot about ‘em and then the Jets started doin’ good and I figured, Why Not. These ain’t for eatin’. They’re for throwin’ around and celebratin with. Jesus, outside of vegetables and some fruit what kind of food is green? Rotten food, that’s what.” The bagels will be available starting Thursday morning.

all moldy