I Hate Me, Part 200,439

Went to Foodtown to pick up a rotisserie chicken, A) for my dinner and B) to tear some pieces off and put it in with the dogs food/medicine mush. She’s got a cough that sounds like she’s possessed by an old man with emphysema, I half expect to come downstairs in the morning and find her smoking a cigarette and reading the racing form. Anyhow, I got the chicken and a couple of other “While you’re out get these” items and I got on line. The woman ringing up was an old pro, she always gives me shit when I don’t proffer my Savings Card. She’s was talking to the guy in front of me about catching mice, “I’ve tried everything, those traps with the big teeth, nothing. Those nice looking white ones, don’t work. Even those big ones where the mice go in and vanish, uh..uh.” The guy, polite trying to leave, “…Yeah…mice are tough…uh…” “ Yeah, they are tough…so I went into the kitchen and I had patched up the hole and this tiny mouse had his tail stuck and let me tell you, those little fellas really want to live….” The story just stopped and I wasn’t sure if she killed the mouse or let him go. The guy muttered something like “…Yeah…I hate to kill stuff…” and left. She was lost in thought when I put my stuff on the counter, I was gonna ask her about the mouse but before I had a chance, “What kind of pear is this?” “Uh…the cheapest pear?” (Cold Stare) “Um..I’m not really sure”. And the mouse moment was lost.

    • fishbreath
    • January 7th, 2011

    i love the foodtown trips—the unspoken “mini-angst” (clearly that’s not a word) moments of what would seem to be a normal day. thanks for that.

    • galbacco
    • February 12th, 2011

    Fuck Egypt,if I were a news correspondent, I’d be following the ‘Tim’s dog’s name story’ for the past month, way more important for world stability and peace.

    We’ve had ‘Shittin Vacuum’, ‘Lucy’, ‘Barkus’, ‘Roman god of shut the fuck up’, ‘Stalin’, ‘Pickles’, ‘Rickles’ and of course, ‘Travis Pickles’. Out of respect, I’d go for Mubarak, it’s fate…

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