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I Hate Me, Part 299,905

but it was on sale

I was looking around the house in preparation for putting away Christmas (boxes for: ornaments, lights, good will toward men, etc.) and it hit me, actually it didn’t hit me, it’s always there, sometimes it bubbles up to the surface. I’m a (self)victim of the Tyranny of Stuff. We have so much shit; records, books, records, dvd’s. I feel like Marley’s ghost clanking about with boxes of records and art books weighing me down. Of course I won’t/can’t get rid of it. Years of collecting, defining myself and my “cool” by my possessions, complete self aggrandizing bullshit. I know this and yet I can’t get rid of it. Yes, I still want the book of 1,000 Clown Pictures. No, I don’t want to get rid of that pre-war book of German maps. I really could use an editor, because the one in my head is off the rails. Nothing underlines my point better than the Completely Mad Don Martin. Before I left on tour I went to Barnes & Noble to get a book for the tour (because I don’t have enough). I ended up leaving with this monstrosity of a book with the complete output of Don Martin’s Mad years. People my age (48) especially guys will recognize his stuff, the guy who drew the funny looking people and had the goofy sound effect words, Flabadap! Gaplork! Furshglurk! The book is in the same series as the complete Far Side. You can make an argument (albeit weakly) for a giant Far Side book but the Don Martin book, there’s no defending it. “It was on sale…it was only $25…IT WAS 150 DOLLARS! “ I stammered when I got it home.  It was like the 12 year old Tim had the wallet of the 48 year old Tim, unfortunately this happens too often and soon the 48 year old Tim will have as much money as the 12 year old Tim.